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Jan 17, 2013 12:30pm PST
geary, extended hours permit amply indication. application. >> it is located at geary and 11th avenue. this issue, this location came before the commission on january 24th, 2012. and then, after a process that involved a lot of community groups, the supervisor's office, residents, sfpd and the owner of the commission, granted an extended hours and permit with conditions. one condition approved operating hours between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.. but not after 4:00 or before 6:00. now after a year of operation, the operator has returned to ask full permission to operate between 4 and 6. operation at those hours will allow the venue to serve breakfast and i will let sfpd and the applicant take it from here. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> good evening commissioners. >> my name is art briden and i am here on behalf of mr. can who is the franchisee. >> the reason that we are requesting the hours is to better serve our clientele, because more and more people, for whatever given reason are eating 24 hours a day. whether it be at subway or jack in the box or mcdonald's or whatever. >> so primary purpose
Jan 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
that we received from david heller who is the president of our greater geary boulevard merchants and property owners association. so, i'll just read this letter for you. the greater geary boulevard merchants and property owners association wholeheartedly supports the continuation of the outside lands music and arts festival. we appreciate the remarkable contribution this single event makes to our merchants, employees, and the city of san francisco each year. our businesses cover an expansive area from van ness to the ocean. we see a substantial increase in foot traffic and sales for aye two-week period around the festival. this event brings us customers from outside the bay area who are introduced to our restaurants, cafes, hotels, bank, salons, florists and service stations for the first time. the fiscal impact of new customers is palpable. this festival has brought dramatic increases in revenue each year in august. the economic boost is felt by a wide variety of businesses for the week before and after the event. our merchants, property owners and employees appreciate much need
Jan 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
are not in favor, but you talk to the clement merchants and geary street merchants they are for it, because they are open longer hours, especially the restaurants. it is four hours? >> four hours. dinner time -- >> then you don't have to pay after that. >> i know. >> i understand why the city is doing it. i didn't know we had four-hour meters. the only one that i know of two -hours is in the castro district. >> i just think it would have been better to possibly make them two-hours. it just seems like that is a long time to have someone at that meter, if you want turnover. >> commissioners, i did fail to mention as part of the transition to sunday meters, they are also removing all the one-hour meters and changing those times to two-hours. and all current meters that have the ability to have two hours one day and four hours on a sunday for instance. >> okay. >> they are taking credit cards? >> credit cards through the phone and in terms of the new meters where you can actually pay by credit card they are currently working on transitioning out the old meters and eventually the goal
Jan 16, 2013 9:00pm PST
in districts four, districts one and along geary boulevard and china town and so those are three districts in the invest in neighborhoods program. we are going to be working to get the ada out reach. the out reach that we partnered with aand d, asian neighborhood design and they helped us design this brochure as part of our... it functions as two things as part of the out reach with the ada out reach program and also as a brochure that property owners are required to provide to their tenants knew or when they renew their lease. >> there are two structures with the out reach program with asian neighborhood design. they go door-to-door in the targeted areas and talk to business owners, and we are trying this approach because we have seen that the city goes in and starts talking to business owners and they are sort of kind of a blank wall that happens and the listening, they tend to shut down and are intimidated and we are trying the approach of having a third party entity that is not government going in and having a conversation with the business owner. and so working with the business owner
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
police are second murder this year. and killed while driving near fillmore and geary streets around five-thirty this evening. multiple shots at a black four door car. authorities say the suspect got away in a white or silver car. the victim later died at san francisco general. the suspect is only described as a black male, who was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. >> in the middle of the day when you think it is safe now you have to worry about getting shot. >> tonight - police are investigating another deadly shooting at a san leandro bart station. the bay fair bart station was reopened a couple hours ago. the shooting killed one person and injured another. kron4's alecia reid has the >> over dozens of shell casings were counted at the scene it. this man was shot dead and a woman was also hit by the gunfire. she was rushed to hospital and is expected to be okay. >> people to not value of life. this could be over perhaps some silly argument. generally, bart is extremely safe. we usually do not have problems like this. come one person has been detained. investigators canvassed the scene.
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
fourth. the two suspects entered a bank on geary boulevard and proceeded to rob the bank at gunpoint. they later ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash and fled in a dark colored vehicle. both men are described as black males, and one of them may have been wearing a fake beard. police are hoping someone will recognize the two men, and help lead to an arrest. >> in san francisco -- caltrans are working overnight to reset and re- test the sprinklers inside the doyle drive tunnel. it's the tunnel that leads to the golden gate bridge. the sprinklers accidently went off this morning. causing slippery roads. officials say the system was triggered when cal trans workers were doing routine maintenance. late night commuters can expect to find one lane of southbound traffic inside the tunnel. closed starting from 11 p-m tonight, until 5 a-m tomorrow morning. sharks oilers >> this homegrown rising crust pizza is best buy jan 2013 annies said no metal was found and this recall is only precaustionary >> there is not much indication that the republicans and democrats would get along better. to
Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
that car" and "need help and he's making a left" and by the time we got to geary black and whites were all over the place and apprehended the person and i got a call from alex faigen who was the later the police chief. he was a friend of mine. he said "well, admiral do we have to give you credit for an assisted arrest" and i said "you bet your life too and i also want a sf tv star" and anyway those small things happen. i paid the police department and the city back. we put this together with a group of volunteerses, the original command center. the wonderful volunteers that exist in san francisco. not people advising you but people coming here doing stuff and they represented the great cross section of san francisco. had two retired school teachers who came to this temporary building everyday for five years, and provided administrative assistance. they were wonderful. one of them was mary louise green. dave ebberly -- you haven't heard that name. he was the guy bouncing around and i found out he was the volunteer driver of the emergency vehicle that we had which was parked in a
Jan 2, 2013 11:30am PST
and reporting program, related to the funding of project no. cuw 26403, the geary road bridge project, in alameda county and directing the clerk of the board of supervisors to notify the controller of this action. >> [speaker not understood]. >> [speaker not understood]. the item before you today is to adopt the c-e-q-a findings for the geary bridge project. it is located in snow california and crosses over all immediate a creek within the snow regional wilderness area. the purpose of the project is to replace an existing wooden bridge with a new concrete and steel bridge that can accommodate vehicular and pedestrian traffic. the existing bridge was constructed in the 1930s and refurbished in the 1960s. the maximum loading capacity is limited to 8 tons and this restricts fire, maintenance, and cattle transport vehicles from accessing the bridge. these vehicles must use a nearby low water creek crossing to access facilities within the watershed and can only do so when water levels allow. we have been working with various agencies to eliminate low water creek crossings within our waters
Jan 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
. now that work has resumed, stockton street is again closed to traffic between ellis and geary. it is scheduled to open in 2019. >>> get ready for your closeup! muni is expanding its surveillance technology. >> reporter: it isn't usual the stuff of hollywood. until it is! all 800 or so muni buses, and several hundred trains are waiting to be changed so you can have your close-up. or to help police figure who might have been at fault in this 2009 crash. or maybe to catch a pick-pocket! cameras and microphones have been in place for over a decade. but change is coming. soon they will be transmitted back to muni or police in real-time! that has privacy advocates very upset. >> all of the people who are getting onto public transit systems in san francisco are dealing with a virtual cop over their shoulders. >> reporter: she says authorities shouldn't be able to know what you're doing at all times. >> it creates a situation where we are unable to have conversations free from surveillance. unable to go around the city with anonimity. >> it's public information. >> reporter: paul spo
Jan 2, 2013 4:30am PST
on union square. stockton street will be closed between geary and ellis streets. the walkways are narrower because of the construction. no word on whether they will extend the subway for chinatown. it's scheduled for completion in ten years. >> cardinals beat the badgers 20-14 before a packed out. taylor scored two touchdowns. stanford who came into the game ranked as number six in the u.s. we shaw and we conquered in honor of david shaw. >> you said you were going to route for sanford. >> actually that was well deserved. we'll take that. >> first bowl win in a long time. it's chilly throughout but we are feeling it this morning. >> very dry feeling. you may notice your hands or lips a little dry this morning. definitely what is happening. there is enough moisture coming out of the ground to create frost and thick frost. please be careful if you are heading out. no reports of black ice but we did have it monday when we had the same situation. sutro tower, live doppler 7-hd and see what we're getting as far as radar returns, they are all dry. no clouds out there right now. talk those temper
Jan 3, 2013 4:30am PST
or richmond district, rather, at geary. police are wrapping up the interview with the victims. the victims are physically okay. no one was hurt. police say a group of people went inside the home. they do not know how they got in. the front gate does not appear to be damaged. they got away with electronics. no one was hurt. there much -- were reports the suspects had guns but police do not know if they came in with guns pointed and aimed at the victims. they tried to trace a cell phone stolen and they tried to do a tracker with a satellite but they could not find it. no arrests now have been made and they do not know where the stuff or people what took it but no injuries. investigators are on the way. >> thank you. we will continue to follow that breaking news in san francisco. >> next on abc7 news at 5:00 a.m., what investigators say robbers got away with. >> also, nowhere to be found, the search for a bay area teenager last seen new year's eve in lake tahoe. >> the highway patrol puts out the help wanted sign and what you need to know alive from kgo broadcast center this is the kgo news.
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
and geary boulevard around 5:30 this evening when someone fired at him several times. the suspect got into a car and took off. the vick time ditim died of his at the hospital. >> a family is homeless in san jose after a fast-moving fire destroyed their mobile home. it took firefighters almost an hour to control the blaze at the mobile home park. the blaze started about 3:30 this afternoon. the two adults and four children escaped without injury but they say their family dog is missing and they fear that he is dead. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> michael crabtree is in atlanta right now preparing for tomorrow's big game against the falcons and we know he's great on the field but going into the nfc championship matchup, he has a major distraction, an accusation of sexual assault. police interviewed the 25-year-old earlier this week before he headed to atlanta. comcast sportsnet's reporter can tell us more. >> reporter: michael crabtree is under investigation for sexual assault. here's the latest. yesterday crabtree voluntarily met with san francisco police before
Jan 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
in front of a muni bus just after 2:00 this afternoon near geary and joan streets in the tenderloin. witnesses say the bicyclist fell off his bike when he clipped a car door. he landed on the pavement in front of the muni bus which farm did -- fortunately did not hit him. the bicyclist was taken to the hospital for evaluation. his condition is unknown. >>> a 13-year-old tourist is in the hospital tonight, suffering from life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in san francisco. the girl was visiting the city with her family when she was hit by a white subaru. the driver stopped after the accident. no word if the driver will face charges. >>> an online video has sparked more outrage in the case of two high school football players in eastern ohio charged with rape. the area is now consumed by claims that other players may have been involved and let off the hook. questions were raised after hackers released a tape online showing teens making jokes about the attach. >> with hundreds gathered outside the jefferson county courthouse saturday to express their feelings about the a
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
in san francisco shutting down streams once again. stockton street between geary and ellis is closed for the construction. crews had halted their work about 6 weeks ago to make life easier on holiday shoppers. >>> it is the end of an era for the exploratorium in san francisco. this is the very last day for fans young and old to geek out at its location near the palace of fine arts. let's go live to cbs 5 reporter anne makovec. she is live outside the museum with the big moving plans and big lines behind you. >> reporter: that's a long line behind me and you can't even see half of it. there's probably 100 people. the line is around the block right now. 2,000 people have been here already and they are expecting 5,000 by the end of the day because the exploratorium is free today. everybody is coming here to celebrate and reminisce. the sounds of wide-eyed wonder are about to fall silent here after 43 years the exploratorium closes its doors at the palace of fine arts. local families lined up for its swan song. >> i'm going to try to live it up and experience it one last time in its orig
Jan 2, 2013 10:30pm PST
. this will mean calming traffic on wide fast arterials like geary, and it it will also mean widening sidewalks and adding greening with innovative projects like the powell promenade. strategic police enforcement, as we heard, is also critical, using data to prevent traffic crimes just as we use data to prevent other crimes. and targeting the most dangerous behaviors in the most dangerous locations. last year almost 900 people were hit by cars in san francisco, and this year hundreds more people have been hit and 18 people have been killed. the need for action is clear. new york and chicago have both released pedestrian action plans. san francisco has led the state with creating new 15 mile an hour speed zones around all 181 schools city-wide, which is really exciting. it's a really important first step. and now san francisco can lead the way with a strong and effective pedestrian strategy. to make the most sustainable form of transportation, walking, also the most safe and comfortable for everyone. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, elizabeth. there's a lot of different city staff and other m
Jan 15, 2013 5:30pm PST
been working with vaj which is 561 geary street and we have been getting noise xlaents and so we are trying to narrow it down and it is regarding swig and jones and i have asked vaj to do the sound checks with the neighbors and so the neighbors were appreciative that that was something that we could do so we are dealing with that. >> as far as it has been relatively calm in the clubs lately. i am going to go over three incidents over the last month because we have not had a commission hearing. vesel on december 16th. there was a fight between the staff at a club and the patron, and they were trying to get the drink away from them it led into a good fight and one of the things that the patron was saying that he did not know that the staff was part of security. and so i think that i am going to talk with them as far as sometimes when your staff or you just assume that everyone knows exactly who you are and i think that we all have to remember that you are going to patrons that have been drinking and maybe it is dark. and maybe doing name tags or something like that could avoid som
Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm PST
? >> with reference to the ten p.m. entertainment. >> yes. >> from what i have seen, my name is john i live on geary and second avenue. what i have seen the reality is that when it begins at ten it always has overflows. >> okay. >> everything will overflow in the area. my question would be why not just make a full evening's entertainment and why not take the full license >> that is up to the applicant. >> this is much more cost effective. >> right. >> what happens on the security level, my i ask then? for example, if it is cost effective i am presuming that is for no security and no... >> the cost of the permit. >> sure. >> but if that means that there is no extra additional security for that evening if something should happen, then nothing is on the street to help out. >> if there is problems with security or problem with noise, then they run the risk of losing their permit. >> okay, i just want to say that i do support the dirty trix saloon and what we have. but i am just wondering why we would set ourselves up for failure, why not set it up for success and just say instead of leaving that open ar
Jan 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
geary line. i also want to mention the housing authority is not doing its due diligence when it comes to medical expenses. people that have -- can use that deduction are not getting it and their rent is higher because of it, which obviously has ripple effect. people are paying more rent that are low-income. i also, which was in the packet that obviously you are not going to get, which i will put up on the screen. multiple ways of doing this. can we have the screen? the 101 hyde post office is going to be removed, which is general delivery. they are going to be putting housing there. they are going to be putting housing there. the 101 hyde is the main post office site, where we have general delivery. those are people who don't have a mailbox go there to get their mail. so if you are on ga or whatever, that is where you go to get your mail if you don't have an actual physical address, if you are homeless. it has 4,000 box holders. if their mail is being stolen, this is again where they get their mail. they have to pay to have their po box and, by the way, the postal service rate ke
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 135 (some duplicates have been removed)